4 axis CNC foam cutter Screen for Mach3



Professional designed 4 axis CNC foam cutter (hot wire) Screen for Mach3.
Designed special for the 4 axis CNC foam cutter. There are all functions needed for drive foam cutter. Optimased for the 1024x768 monitor resolution.

How to Buy

You can buy this Screen by PayPal. It's cost $16.
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I get your paying and send to you zip file with this Screen by e-mail.

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How to Install

  • Unzip all files from archive to the Mach3 folder
  • Run the Mach3, select from the menu View - Load Screens, select the file Foam.set


Mach3 settings hints

This screen is for the 1024 x 768 monitors.

If yor monitor have large resolution, it's better to turn off Auto Screen Enlarge. Goto the General Config. Uncheck Auto Screen Enlarge (see the picture in the right side).

Also uncheck Boxed DRO's and Graphics. This turn off display of the thin black boxes in the input fields.

Reload Mach3.

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